Real Currency

Some aspects of reality die with our bodies.  The dollar bill is a perfect example.  Three dimensional reality recognizes a dollar bill as some cotton an linen hybrid with some meaningless symbols sprinkled over it with dye, whereas we refer to it as an icon representing someone’s social value.  What does this say of a dollar bill?  If you buy a candy bar with it, you have essentially done nothing but a ritual and gained something for it.  This looks eerily like a reflection of our religious and pagan impulses.  Perhaps, for example there is something meaningless and false, say a prayer that the sun will rise in the morning and this seems to yield a real result in physical reality.   But the ritual and rain dance of exchanging money is a much more contrived category of pagan worship.  An entire sub-reality is structured around money and labor, one of which very much exists in physical reality, the other doesn’t exist in social reality but causes things to exist in physical reality.  The fascinating thing about money (and symbols in general) is that while they are arbitrary for the most part, and inherently and necessarily subjective and therefore meaningless, these bits of the social sub-reality can cause physical changes in the third dimension, beyond thoughts and feelings.  A person can quite literally die in the streets because their pockets are not stuffed with these cotton and linen ‘social bits’.  The symbol, arbitrary, subjective, meaningless has a direct impact on human life.  I do wonder if somehow this is, in part why some are still willing to accept religion at face value.  We are conditioned in a world that, by some alchemy can yield something from nothingness.

This seems to be the nature of belief.  No one will doubt that the muscle of belief is real, but a belief is only true if it reflects the physical nature of the situation.  Belief has no bearing in the third dimension unless acted upon, in which case if the belief forms a will and the will forms an action we are not confirming that the belief reflects reality, we are merely seeing that the belief has inspired an action, which yields the result of the belief.  Nothing yields something.  Money operates on this same central principle.  As long as it is believed that money is something other than what it is made of, money will yield certain actions.  People will continue to die over literal nothingness.  The emptiness of this reality is upsetting but that is why it needs to be brought to our attention.  The infrastructure of social reality is just belief.   The moment the belief dies, social reality ceases to yield any result in physical reality.  Wars cannot be fought over it, the homeless cannot starve or freeze to death because of it.  Without social reality we would be forced to address issues as what they are.  The homeless don’t starve because they don’t have money, they starve because they don’t have food.  Contrived wars aren’t fought because they make money, they are fought because powerful people can centralize their resources.

I don’t know the next step in the evolution of social reality, but I do know that there must be a next step, both for our minds and for social reality itself.  Like John Randi, I want to live in the most real rendition of our lives and I think, as far as stopping violence caused by social reality, we need to start considering our next step: moving from nothing yielding something to something yielding something else,

Real Currency




“Hillary is a safe alternative if Bernie loses the nomination.”
There is very little chance Hillary Clinton will ignore her financial supporters solely by the ideology that “a good-hearted liberal would never do such a thing”.  This is wishful thinking at best and complete and utter stupidity at worst. Here, we can see her financial support.  Why would 21st Century Fox (Fox, FX) and Time Warner (CNN,etc) PACs with opposing political perspectives donate to the same candidate (not that she’s the only one in the race with this disposition).  I’ll give you a hint: The 1996 Telecommunications act gave media companies the right to hold unlimited monopoly licenses. And who passed that? Good ol’ Blow Job Billy Bob Clinton.If you read the entire chart you can see other ominous signs, simply the presence of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup in her campaign should flare up some good old fashioned terror and a sturdy reminder of the global economic housing market crash of 2008. Here’s another hint: Hillary voted in favor for TARP when the bill was first presented.
There is not one candidate it seems, with the people’s interests in mind other than Sanders. I don’t even like Bernie that much but I would rather someone with honesty and integrity than any of these other “Dorito-shilling whore[s]”


Education, Racism, Foreign Policy & the Annual Military Budget

Mark Wood/Texas Skype Call

The ignorance and indoctrination necessary to justify racism will simply never go away entirely.  And that is not an observation made from hopelessness or laziness, it’s an observation made from the simple fact that at any point in time there are about 7 billion individual conscious people with the unconscious habit of looking desperately for patterns in everything.  In spite of that, we do have options and abilities that can significantly minimize the risk of prejudice gestating in the minds of children.  This is not a call for censorship, censoring hate speech will not end racism, accelerating young people’s web of knowledge will.  This is a demand for education.

Many factors go into determining what “makes” a person a racist, ranging from religion to genetics to an economic disposition.  But arguably, education is the primary factor in determining whether or not a person will develop prejudice.

Racism in contemporary society is a primarily an issue of Social Conservatives.  Studies have, in fact linked individuals with higher emotional and lower intellectual reactions with being racist and consequently socially conservative.  Mind you, that is not to say anyone who is socially conservative is racist, as it is not to say that social liberals cannot be racist, but it is to say that conservatism is a socio-political perspective that does not explicitly condemn racism.  It is also to say that there is something primal and reactionary to racism that has not yet ascended to the ideal level of modern intellectualism.

The fact that public education does not have a universal standard wherein inner city children are able to learn and achieve in the same manner that other students are, is evidence enough for a call to action.  We are also seeing national testing scores drop substantially since 2014.  The point is, children are not being taught as well as they could be and it’s partially because of how states spend their annual education budget, to exclude certain poverty level areas (white, black and hispanic alike).  A lack of education will undoubtedly bring prominent rise to issues like racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.


We have an approximate annual military budget of about $600 billion.  We have an approximate annual education budget of about $140 billion.

America has been at war 93% of it’s existence, since it’s inception in 1776 and only a few of these could be considered “good wars” whereas others come with shady implications.

Arguably most of the wars we’ve been involved in have been the result of poor foreign policy.

Perhaps, we ought to focus on managing our foreign policy in a manner that will keep us from diving into every opportunity to go to war.  There may be some benefit to no longer depending on foreign oil or fossil fuels at all.  If the military budget can be managed through good and effective foreign policy, perhaps we can increase our Education expenditures and ensure that our students are learning and growing in a contemporary progressive society.





Education, Racism, Foreign Policy & the Annual Military Budget

Define: Murder



Serghei Comerzan is going to be charged for the murder of a State Trooper that he did not murder.

Essentially the story goes, Comerzan was driving well over the speed limit and Trooper, James Bava decided to pursue.  In the pursuit, Bava crashed and died, tragically.

Now, the initial charges were for resisting arrest and criminal negligence.  Those charges make sense.  But it seems like we have muddied the definition of ‘murder’.  Unless Comerzan pulled around and clipped his quarter panel (which would have killed them both as he was on a motorcycle), all he had to do with the death of Bava was simply the fact that he was being pursued.   This is not manslaughter voluntary or involuntary.

Define: Murder