Meaning, or lack thereof

I’m an avid supporter of social media. I don’t believe it serves any great cause or anything but I enjoy it. It does, however come with an ugly stigma. The issue isn’t that “it’s making kids antisocial” or “it’s too negative” or cyberbullying or whatever. I’d say the worst problem with social media is that it makes us believe we matter. Everything we have to say or everything we have done gets highlighted for a moment. We are flushed with accomplishment when awarded some meaningless social media accolades (a like, a heart, a whatever) and this encourages us to post again. But the sad reality is that we don’t matter. And we honestly ought to be okay with that. We ought to be okay with the fact that our lives and deaths will most likely have done nothing positive in the long term. That is, of course the horror of our natural human disposition, but horror is relative which means it doesn’t mean anything outside of our heads and therefore dies with us. Again, I love social media. But I want to be able to be nothing and be nothing comfortably.

Meaning, or lack thereof

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