Open critique of millenials by a millenial 


think we have two thoughts that have snuck into our culture, holding hands that should be pruned before they make us worse people than we already are:1) “I should be loved and respected by others for no other reason than that I am me, the way I should love myself”

2) “I give everyone only one chance, and that’s all because I deserve love and don’t deserve to be inconvenienced”
I’m not sure if people actually think this but it seems to look like there is at least a number of dull 20-somethings who follow these standards. 

If you can’t see the cognitive dissonance with the two ideas side-by-side I can’t help you. 

I’m not sure when we determined that the sickly, cancerous weakness of absolute preservation of one’s pride was admirable. You’re dirt. We’re all dirt. I’m sure the maggots and bacteria that eat through our flesh after we’re dead will take the time to remember how resilient we were and how terrified we were of taking the risks that come with just being human. 

S0 edGy 5eVer. 

But I’m ready for that to not be something on the social radar anymore.

Open critique of millenials by a millenial 

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