Get Wealth FAST!!!


Get-wealth-quick schemes/seminars are cruel enough as is (consider it the Lottery’s meaner cousin, feeding off the poor, dumbly-optimistic and desperate) but religious get-wealth-now schemes are supremely fucked up. Rather than charging a ridiculous fee, they charge you the “moral tax”, also known as tithes and offerings, so you’re coerced into doing something for God so God can do something for you. So now wealth is contingent on your moral behavior so, arguably there’s a stronger pull to “do the right thing” which in this case would be to pay the man behind the curtain all you have… much like the parable of the woman in Matthew, who gave her last coin to the man of god…

“[God is] all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money!” -George Carlin

Get Wealth FAST!!!

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