Dam that river

There’s a problem with this:


If we lose the Bern we do not have a single candidate that is not under the thumb of large corporations, which means the public interests will not be met, Hilary or otherwise. Ensure that Bernie gets the nomination. Remember large for-profit media corporations have made significant investments in her.  Her campaign is also heavily funded by those who caused the 08 housing market crash.

“yea but she is more progressive than Trump or Cruz or Rubio.”

And Bill Clinton was more progressive than Bush Sr. But we still got shit foreign policy (lets bomb Afghanistan while we’re at it), DOMA and the telecommunications act. Better doesn’t mean not still shitty. I pride myself as a Dem but I would argue the current state of the party is just as unhealthy primarily because it refuses to recognize its sickness by virtue of it “at least not being the Republican Party”

No doubt Noam Chomsky would be shaking his head at the sight.

Dam that river

Mike Patton vs Anthony Kiedis (FNM/Mr. Bungle vs The Red Hot Chili Peppers)

I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I just get frustrated when I think of Kiedis’s response to Mike Patton. Essentially, Mr. Bungle (Patton’s band) and the Chili Peppers were slated for a few of the same music festivals and because they sounded similar Mr. Bungle & specifically Epic by FNM) Kiedis got spooked, and blacklisted Mike Patton from the shows. I’m not saying Mike Patton is a better musician but… he might be, hence this very mean mean response to Kiedis’s attempt to monopolize a musical genre. (side note: in a recent interview, Mike Patton said something to the effect of “i don’t even remember what we were fighting about, if we saw eachother now we’d probably give each other a big hug“)


Here is the link to the Halloween Show:

Enjoy, motherfuckers.  Tell me if you can spot the ghost of Hillel Slovak (ouch)

Mike Patton vs Anthony Kiedis (FNM/Mr. Bungle vs The Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Christian Media


A movie about the conviction (faith context) of a roman soldier, starring a-listers and directed by a renown film maker is coming out this year, a wad of mainstream and explicitly Christian films are produced and shown in theaters over the last ten years…

And yet Hollywood is anti-Christian?

The industry is still a business. It will still appeal to the majority. The mass majority of Americans identify with Christianity, so who the fuck do you think they’re going to market to? The war on Christianity in media is as imaginary as the war on Christmas.

Independent media ought to focus on a large anti-Christian media campaign for the sake of exploiting the marketing, advertising and film industries.  This might be a worthwhile movement.

Christian Media



Dogs were bred by men from wolves. Our ancestors effectively made Shelley’s Modern Promethius a reality before humanity had the cognitive ability to pen it. Dogs are humanity’s children. Without consent, without philosophy, we used them for tools in our hunt. We made them as slaves for our use. If they cannot fulfill their artificial duty, if they are treated poorly they become monsters and we have forced this burden on them, that they must respect us unconditionally and if we do not accept their respect and love they have nothing, because they were bred to be our servants. 

When I look at dogs in relation to man I have to consider the possibility that maybe the creation is always better than the creator. Humanity bears the same burden in relation to a Cosmic Deity. In the way a villain might kick a dog or murder it senselessly in the street, God has must have punished humanity by stacking the deck against us. 

God does not deserve humanity. We are capable of mistakes and of evil, as is a dog but only because we do not know our duties to the Divine. It seems apparent that all mankind  carries the qualities of a slave. But God made slaves with free minds and that was his cardinal sin against humanity. The way one may put down a dog for misunderstanding its duties to man, God condemns all humanity simply for not knowing our duties to divinity. 

If hell exists and if the odd, uneven unhappy or ignorant are the inhabitants, it is a moral duty to burn along their side. Heaven could never deserve humanity in the way humanity could never deserve dogs.